I got an interesting press release from Boo (Ben Oostrum Ontwept) about their new exhibition Brick. The project is realised by Ben Oostrum in collaboration with Rob Bonneur.

It opened on May 24th 2007 at the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam during the manifestation Rotterdam 2007, City of Architecture. The exhibition will highlight the results of the Brick project that was carried out over a three-year period at the European Ceramic Work Centre.

The architecture project Brick was aimed at product innovation. The .ekwc wanted to stimulate the technical and artistic development of the manufacturing and application of brick as a construction material. Architects, designers and artists from both the Netherlands and abroad have been working on the development of a new type of brick since 2005. The .ekwc expects to be able to use this to provide a new stimulus to the application of brick and subsequently the brick appearance of the Netherlands.

The exhibition does not consist of a showroom full of products, but is a special designed presentation of both true works of art inspired by brick and new, commercial designs suitable for further development by the brick industry. A rich, multidisciplinary exhibition based on the experiments the participants entered into with ceramics as a material.


A simple design is the Line Brick Horizontal, a brick with an extra horizontal joint along the full length. During application the image is created of an extra flat brick, while it doesn’t differ from the standard size stone.


A variation is the Line Brick Vertical Brick whereby the standard stone is divided into little rectangle parts by multiple vertical grouts.


The Line Brick Horizontal combined with the Line Brick Vertical gives the Pixel Brick, a stone which creates the image of extra small bricks. Special for this design is the possibility to create pixel-art images, text and more when so-called pixels are chopped off while assembling.


The Cube Brick has a hexagonal basic shape with joints that accentuate the cube’s contours. Interlinked in a wall surface a dazzling “spatial” effect is created.

Here are some words by Ben Oostrum about the Brick project:

“For me the Brick project was a good occasion for an intensive collaboration with architect Rob Bonneur. We have known each other for years, but never got around to working together. This was the perfect opportunity. Thereby we wanted to work from start on the development of a series of producible brick products. No conceptual approach, but a design process aimed at concrete results.
We combined different experiences and backgrounds. Our brick project has turned out a number of innovative brick products. For example we looked into what possibilities the joint offers to beautify the facade image”.

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