Tokyo Midtown is a new building complex next to Mori’s hyped Roppongi Hills. I found this photo set on Flickr by Jean Snow from the opening day. I have been visiting Roppongi Hills a few times (best of all was a nice dinner at the Roppongi Hills club at the top floor with a great view) and I’m looking forward to see Tokyo Midtown as well. Especially when Jean Snow refers to it like this:

More open spaces, lots of green (and the abundance of cherry blossoms didn’t hurt), the 21_21 Design Sight (a new design museum), the Suntory Museum of Art, an interior that feels less glam and more tasteful than RH, a collection of retail stores that actually interest me (heavy on the interior design), and fine restaurants, cafes, and delis that should keep you well fed in a stylish manner.

By adopting an urban approach, defined as “Tokyo Midtown,” the goal was to contribute to the community, contribute to Japan, and in turn, contribute to the world. Tokyo Midtown is environmental conscious as well. To ease the “heat island phenomenon” that pushes up heat in urban zones, greenery is interspersed through the Tokyo Midtown grounds. Besides covering four hectares of vast open space, including Hinokicho Park, with luxuriant greenery, building roofs are also planted with a diverse range of foliage. The landscaping of such lush green garden space also heralds the emergence of an eco- and people-friendly realm, ideal for rest and relaxation.



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