Here are some nice images from the Little Wonder’s installations for the Design Philadelphia event. Design Philadelphia is a citywide cultural initiative that celebrates Philadelphia’s contemporary significance as an important international center for advancement in the design disciplines.


The installation “some kind of wonderful” for the F.U.E.L gallery is a glass fiber nets, which hold a glass bowls and are hung from the cloud. Light is emitted from the knots of the glass net, like stars in a clear sky. The bowl is filled with water and a fish: a fish swimming in the stars, hovering in the air surrounded by sparkling lights.

The cloud is made of baking paper cups and it is hung on the ceiing as well as layed on the floor holding a chair, table or vases. The order of sky, water and the land is shifted by juxtaposing technology, craft, and nature, “some kind of wonderful” is giving sureal expereince of being somewhere else than the normal world, so that it gives us difference perspective on small things in our lives and make us smile.


“Opening” at the AIA Bookstore, a new series of porcelain vases by little wonder for Rosenthal studio-line has won a Baden-Würtemberg International Design Award in Silver at the award ceremony in Ludwigsburg, Germany. On first glance, the Opening vases are familiar, yet unusual. The form sets up expectations, while the opening breaks them, provoking us to see the vases in a new light. They combine the precision of archetypical ceramic forms with an organic vitality, as if the forces of the earth itself have given birth.


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