Inga Sempé has sent me some pictures of two new products that will be presented during the Milan design week starting April 18. The first one is a piece for Edra. Inga Sempé describes it like this: “the initial idea was to have a hard plan like a shelf (to put things like DVD payers, bottles … and also for children who always like to seat on the backrest of the armchairs)surrounded by a soft, almost frothy, bubbly, upholstered parts. It is a contrast between hard and soft. Chantilly is a name of the whipped cream in France”.


The second photo is a new lamp for Luce Plan. Once again a brief description from Inga Sempé: “the aim was to have an extensible hanging lamp that would go from 60 cm to 1.70m in case you have many people around a reunion table, or around a dinner table”.


If you missed my short interview with Inga Sempé from a couple of weeks ago it is available here.


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