The posting has been a little slow lately due to some hectic days at the Milan design week. After Milan I went to Mallorca where I organised a field trip for the Global brand team of Absolut vodka on the theme Future Luxury, based on my latest bulletin with the same name. We had some nice days staying at a beautiful hotel, lectures, discussions with interesting people and of course some really good restaurant experiences. As I’m bringing forward in the bulletin the future luxury is about responsibility. It is also more about high quality than mass consumption and probably more regional than global. For sure it is more based on experiences than just another bling-bling object.

Mallorca is a good place to explore the future of luxury at when it definitely is in a transformation from a noisy charter destination into a very interesting and inspiring island.

Next in line for the blog is a post about this years Salone Satellite exhibition in Milan and also some pictures from Mallorca – stay tuned.

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