Swedish company TrendEthnography is running an interesting project called TrendCulture through which they are helping a limited number of companies to find “the white spaces”. These spaces are important to find, not only because the competition is little or non existing, you will also find consumer needs and desires that are not yet fulfilled.

TrendCulture is a constantly present ethnographic fieldwork aiming to monitor trend flows everywhere: from public places to private settings, from rural to urban, from the internet to the living room. The focus is the ever-changing (sub)cultures – not isolated trends and segments.

Future gain is spelled timing which is a question of being in tune with changing behaviors. So , if your company or organisation would like to know when is the right time to act on a specific trend you can take part in the project. Except for six experienced ethnographers looking at cultural life in Sweden, trendspotters in San Francisco, London, Moscow and Tokyo are regularly sharing their insights.

TrendCulture includes a range of approaches such as participant observation, photo documentation, interviews, narrative analysis, mystery shopping, mapping and nethnography (in communities and virtual worlds). But hurry up – TrendCulture Network consists of a limited number of participants exclusive in the sense of one company per industry/trade.


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