The other day the web for DesignTide 2007 in Tokyo went up. I like this annual event a lot and this year it take place October 31th to November 4th. If you have time and possibility you should definitely try to go to Tokyo. For this year’s main theme, DesignTide came upon the word “PLAY”, born out of the sheer air of excitement at last year’s show. More than proposing new ideas, more than pursuing style. Something to get wild about, something that’s pure fun, that can’t be explained by logic, and something that awakens new emotions and energy in all of us. Herein lies the next answer to our central question, “what we REALLY need”. We dream of everyone’s “PLAY” descending onto the grounds of DesignTide this autumn in harmony, to be enjoyed till your heart’s content.

You can sign up for DesignTide 2007 newsletter at the webpage so you will be updated of all fun exhibitions etc.

If you would like to see what happened last year at DesignTide please visit the 2006 webpage here.


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