Marc Gobé, author of Brandjam says: “Design is the new advertising. The agencies should fold, they’re out of line and out of touch. The only advertising that works is about product that you’re drawn to any way.”

I have been touching this matter in two of my earlier David Report bulletins called Welcome to the Credibility Loop and Communication Through Product. Today advertising is a questionable effort both to build recognition and to build a brand. The academic elite as well as business professionals have a second thought how to do. It’s all about building a trustworthy and reliable partnership with your (future) customers. It’s to become a part of their mind so to speak. And when most people are sick and tired of all advertising everywhere, there must be a better way to communicate with them, mustn’t it? I mean that you should communicate with the consumers through design.

Interested to read what more Marc Gobé has to say about this issue? You can find Brandjam at Amazon here. If you would like to know more about Marc Gobé and his book Brandjam please read this interview from Brand Noise.


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