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Hotel chain W and sports brand Puma joined forces and started to collaborate half a year ago around a new athletic fashion line from Puma called Train Away. Hotels partnering with different companies is a trend that is boosting. By doing this they will be able to offer the guests added value side by side with their regular offerings. Cscout sees another trend as well as they refer to as “Annotated Spaces“. It is about connecting real spaces with virtually retrieved information. Here are some interesting words about the trend and the collaboration between W Hotel and Puma:

With the launch of the athletic fashion line, W Hotel and Puma are offering their guests a multi-layered training program including custom-designed jogging maps, pre-loaded iPods featuring indoor and outdoor running guides, a “Bike a la carte Service” and a so-called SWEAT package. The running-guides for the iPods are produced by the audio guide company SoundWalk and, aside from training advice, focus on tourist guide-like information such as history, landmarks and fun facts for the outdoor guides and shopping, restaurant, and nightlife tips for the indoor guides. The maps also feature trivia facts and highlight landmarks, while guiding the enthusiastic guests safely through Central Park, Lincoln Park or Golden Gate Park.

Besides a special room rate, the SWEAT package also includes a jogging map, a fast-drying micro fiber towel, discounts on all Puma TrainAway products at W Hotels The Store, and a complimentary download of Puma’s TrainAway audio guide. The Bike a la carte service will be available with W’s 24-hour concierge and comes with a bike map, a towel and a bottle of water.

Here’s the W Hotel store.

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