Why are we so attracted by limited-editions of certain products? What kind of fascination makes us want them so badly? I think it is about individuality and that we want to feel special. The globalisation makes us buy the same products from the same brands all over the world. If we generalise, it doesn’t care if you live in Stockholm, New York, Moscow or Cape Town. You still find the same brands in your grocery store or at the local mall. The limited-edition series offer something else. You will be able to have something unique, something you share with just a few selected persons. A limited-edition product is desirable because it attracts and flirts with your persona. We will soon see a reaction towards the standardised global assortment and meanwhile the limited-edition series help us feeling individual and special.

The image above shows the York mints limited-edition designer series which benefits the Young Survival Coalition, an organization that unites young women against breast cancer. That’s another good reason to buy them!

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