Karim Rashid launched the soundpanel Flo earlier this year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Flo is produced by Swedish design company Offecct. The interesting MOD newsletter highlighted the product in their latest issue:

Creating Flo Karim Rashid was inspired by sound waves and digital data. Karim Rashid believes that people today live in a very digital world mentally. Therefore we need to catch up with experiential design in the physical world to create a balance. The Flo panels can be set continuously or broken in different ways. Placed horizontally the pattern conveys a sense of water, and vertically it could be described as light waves.

This is how Karim Rashid describes Flo: “Through dimension, material, color, code, pattern, texture, line, solid, plane composition I can manifest the digits of binary notation and sound waves to communicate a new itinerant form of super-functional decoration that is current and aesthetic with our new sensual world – let your sound flo’.”

If you would like to know more about his thoughts on design, Karim Rashid has also made some prediction about design and the future in one of my earlier David Report bulletin called Design (in) the Future.

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