Sony Ericsson night tennis

Swedish mobile producer Sony Ericsson is holding a night tennis tournament in Miami and they promise that it will be no ordinary ping-pong match under bright lights. Sony Ericsson hope to attract the young and chic crowd with this creative game where the entire competition is played in pitch darkness. Sony Ericsson is also bringing in legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold to lure the club-culture set to dance the night away. And last but certainly not least, Murk, regarded as one of the most successful dance DJs and production teams in the world joins in to make you move and groove.

Sony Ericsson Night Tennis will provide clubbers with a sensory extravaganza like no other. Each tennis game is punctuated by explosive beats and an incredible light show, delivered to the audience on a unique 25m projection screen. The balls, court and net along with player’s shirts, skirts and shoes will be fully UV reactive. In between games a fashion extravaganza will showcase the latest in illuminated style.

Tickets are free. Just apply on line by following this link. There has been an earlier Sony Ericsson Night Tennis event in Spain some months ago. Take a look at the video below.

This is an interesting way to interact with your customers in a time when people don’t want to see another ad or commercial. Like Sony Ericsson is doing with the night tennis you have to bee a little more creative and pull your customers towards you by being attractive instead of just pushing your ordinary message on top of them. We will probably see an explosion of these kind of events in the future.

Don’t forget that you have to reach the consumers by evoking emotions. Otherwise they probably don’t want to play with you…


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