Red Dot Award 2007

The winners of Red Dot Award 2007 was announced the other day. It is one of the most attractive and renowned international design price to win. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award describes this years competition like this; “The number of submitted products as well as their quality standards have been outstanding this year. It has been particularly noticeable that China and Taiwan are becoming stronger every year. They are no longer satisfied with the role of an extended workbench of the western industrial nations, but have begun to create excellent design themselves.”

This year Red Dot Award received some 2,548 entries from a total of 43 countries. Out of these entries 43 products were awarded a red dot. The award ceremony will take place in Essen Aalto Theatre June 25th. The award-winning products will thereafter be displayed at the Essen red dot design museum for a month.

The winners include Prada LG mobile phone, Apple shuffle, Porsche 911 targa and Sundeck bathtub from Duravit. A complete list is available at the Red Dot Award homepage.


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