TED conference in Monterey, California has turned to be one of the most important gatherings in our time. The conference is an annual event where leading thinkers and doers gather for inspiration. Below follows some assorted quotes from the TED blog that I found interesting:

Nobel prize of physics Murray Gell-Mann: “In fundamental physics, beauty is a very successful criterion for choosing the right theory”.

Author Michael Pollan: “Looking at the world from other species’ point of view is a cure for human self-importance.”

Multientrepreneur Richard Branson: “I guess I was a maverick.” (Talking about his school years)

Creative Commons founder Larry Lessig: “We have to recognize they kids different from us. We watch TV, they make TV. It is technology that has made them different.”

“Lost” creator JJ Abrams: “Mystery is more important that knowledge.”

Architect Philippe Starck: “I believe in general that my job is absolutely useless; but now, after Carolyn and these guys, I feel like shit”.

Statistician Hans Rosling: “Bring me my sword!” (he ends his speech swallowing a Swedish bayonette)

Former Nigerian Finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: “There is an Africa that you don’t hear often about, the Africa that’s changing, the Africa of people that are taking their destiny into their hands.”

Former US president Bill Clinton, TEDprize 2007 winner: “Help me in creating a better future for Rwanda by assisting my foundation…. We have a chance here to prove that a country that almost slaughtered itself out of existence (while none of us, most of all me, did anything to help) can practice reconciliation, reorganize itself, focus on tomorrow and provide comprehensive healthcare to its citizens.”

VC John Doerr: “I’m scared. I don’t think we’re gonna make it.” (About climate change)

Participant Production’s Jeff Skoll: “I asked John Gardne how to best use the money I made co-founding eBay, and he told me: Bet on good people doing good things.”

“New philanthropy expert Katherine Fulton: “There is a new moral hunger that is growing.”

Biologist E.O. Wilson, TEDprize 2007 winner: “I’ve come on a special mission on behalf of my constituency, the millions of trillions of insects and other small creatures, to make a plea for them. Please keep in mind that if we would wipe out insects from the planet – which we are trying hard to do – the rest of life would disappear within a few months.”

Former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold: “I have this picture up on my computer screen, and a woman comes up and asks whether that’s a Jackson Pollock painting, but no, it’s a picture of penguin shit on rocks.”

Explorer Bill Stone: “The traditional approach to space exploration has been to carry all the fuel you need, and to carry everybody back in case of emergency. But to prime the pump that will take us beyond, boldness is required: the first expeditionary team must travel to the Moon without the fuel to come back, and produce it there. It can be done in 7 years, and I intend to lead that expedition. There was a time when people did bold things to open new frontiers. We have collectively forgotten that. Now we are at a time when boldness is required again.”

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