NOIR is a Copenhagen based meaningful luxury fashion label founded by Peter Ingwersen and designed by Rikke Wienmann. I was happy to work with Peter Ingwersen in a spring-board for a brand new Danish design brand recently. Peter got a deep knowledge on sustainability and ethical clothing but he doesn’t want the collection to shout out the message; “I don’t want to be lumped as that ethical clothes label. Our garments look like normal, stylish clothes, made from luxurious fabrics and, unless you new about us, you’d never guess the organic provenance.”

All organic and Fair Trade cotton fabrics of the NOIR collection will from this year be delivered by the sister company Illuminati II. The brand is a luxurious fabric brand that will supply the highest quality cotton fabrics to NOIR and other luxury brands under the umbrella of Global Compact principles and ILO.

Among other places NOIR could be found at Harvey Nichols and Browns in London, Birger Christensen in Copenhagen and Neiman Marcus in Miami. Visit their web for a complete list of retailers.

Thanks to Inhabitat.


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