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Buy Less Crap started the other day as an reaction to the RED campaign founded by Bono (as I wrote about here a couple of month ago) and they offer people to donate directly to RED’s beneficiary The Global Fund among others without consuming. Buy Less Crap brings forward that shopping is not a smart response to human suffering around the world. It’s a tricky question. Because people ARE consuming. We will not be able to change that in the short run. Unfortunately they buy a lot of crap. But consuming is a powerful tool. Tim Power who is a co-writer here at David Report made a clever comment to the original post about RED and I would like to bring it forward in full:

RED is a fantastic example of what can happen when consumption meets social responsibility. I have always believed that one of the tools of individual empowerment given each and everyone of us upon birth or immigration into an economically liberal democratic society is the power of the political vote, but equally important is the power of the ‘economic vote’.
Each and every Dollar (or Euro of whatever) we spend on a product or service is a vote for (or against) the process, quality, belief system or form of what we buy. Every dollar we spend is a vote – you use what you buy to empower what you believe in! Go Bono.

Thanks to Josh Spear.


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