Innovation timeline

Richard Watson from dropped me a note today about his new Innovation timeline. It is showing innovations from the year 1900 to 2050. So if you would like to see Richard’s vision for the next 47 years you should click the image above for a full size pdf.

The Innovation timeline was originally produced for a 2007 +Ten trends: Predictions and Provocations report by He had since then added a few extra ideas to the period 2007-2050.

You may remember his Trend Map for 2007 that I reported about here. The Trend Map was open source and so is the new Innovation timeline. This means that people are encouraged to adapt or play around with it or use it in anyway they like.

I’m curious to see if his prediction for the future will become reality. What do you think about video wallpaper, space mining, single global currency, invisi-spray and memory enhancement in humans?

As last time Richard Watson points out that we should not take it too seriously.


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