A brand is not more or less than an opinion in a persons mind. And if we hold this as true, everyone understand that having a good relation with your customers is paramount. How do you create an attractive brand then? Derrick Daye at Branding Strategy Insider wrote some interesting words about this the other day:

“People develop relationships with other people. Brands exist so that organizations can do the same. So, what maximizes a brand’s appeal? The same things that maximize a person’s appeal – authenticity, honesty, integrity (that is, a congruence between thoughts, words and deeds), charisma, warmth, assertiveness, approachability, passion, reliability, originality, etc. And here is the thing that makes people and brands the most interesting. Each possesses a different combination of qualities that appeals to different people at different times.”

And this makes me wonder why still so many companies have such bad relation with the consumers when it comes to customer service? And quite often front-line persons like shop-workers don’t seem to now anything about the company’s brand values at all. I’m probably not the only one that will change to another brand/shop/company if I’m getting bad service. And I will tell my friends about it as well.

The bottom line is – act towards a costumer as you act towards a friend.


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