The Glass House by Philip Johnson will soon be open to public. The house, which is regarded as on of the world’s iconic mid-century structures, is situated in New Canaan one hour from Manhattan and is undergoing renovation at the moment. Philip Johnson who died recently at the age of 99 was one of the great American architects. He was an early advocate of the modernism in US and the Glass House is a great and sophisticated example. Philip Johnson lived in his house until the end and he described the feeling of living in a glass cube like this: “…Comfort is not a function of beauty… purpose is not necessary to make a building beautiful…sooner or later we will fit our buildings so that they can be used…where form comes from I don’t know, but it has nothing at all to do with the functional or sociological aspects of our architecture.”

The Glass House is owned by the National Trust since 1986 when it was donated by Philip Johnson. Following to his death in 2005 National Trust has since then been preparing for the opening to the public which is scheduled for next month.


Finally I would like to bring forward some other words from Philip Johnson on the actual designing of the Glass House: “Good or bad, small or big, this is the purest time that I ever had in my life to do architecture. Everything else is tainted with the three problems: clients, function, and money. Here I had none of the three.”


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