Frame magazine has made an interview with Jasper Morrison about his design and his profession in general. The interview will be presented in their May issue. Here is a short excerpt which concentrates on the Crate series which will be launched by Established & Sons during this years furniture fair in Milan in April:

To what degree is The Crate a statement about design?
‘It sums up my feelings about Design [Morrison’s capital, not ours – Ed.] at the moment, that it has become a competition of creative egos, battling for pages in magazines while ignoring the realities of everyday life.’

The Crate Series seems to be a celebration of traditional carpentry.
‘Looking at the prototype during a meeting at Established & Sons I realized the impression I wanted was for the new Crates to give the impression they were home made, as if someone had had the idea and then made it for themselves. So although it’s very well made it has an exaggeratedly visible construction.’

In general, what do you consider to be good design?
‘Good design is an object in perfect balance with its surroundings, whatever they might be.’

What is your answer to those who have disqualified The Crate as a rip-off?
‘Try to get out more and eat plenty of green things!’


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