Bruce Nussbaum from BusinessWeek Online had an interesting post the other day which was a edited piece from a speech he did at Parson’s last Thursday. Bruce Nussbaum talks about the backlash of design. He starts by saying that he finds designers arrogant and throws out the question – are designers the enemies of design? Read his text and see what you think. Here is a short clip from the end of the talk where Bruce Nussbaum talks about the word design itself;

A final point on language: Innovation and Design. Business men and women don’t like the term “design.” I think they think it implies drapes or dresses. Even top CEOs who embrace design don’t want to call it that. They want to call it “Innovation.” That has a manly right to it. It’s strong, techie. These folks are perfectly willing to use the word “vision,” whatever the heck “vision” is. They like “Imagination,” whatever the heck that is. But they don’t like “design.” Go figure.

I solve this problem by calling it all a banana. Innovation, design, eco-imagination, just call it whatever they want to call it and do your design thing. Because your design thing is a glorious thing that has the potential of changing our lives in a myriad of ways in a myriad of places.


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