Some time ago I wrote about the new book 17 Swedish designers – chez Pascal in this blog. The 17 Swedish female designers presented in the book will also exhibit together in New York. The exhibition starts March 22 and will take place at Just Scandinavian, 161 Hudson street.

Women have been active in Swedish design throughout the twentieth century, first in the textile field and later primarily in ceramics and glass. Today, women are represented in all aspects of the profession, creating innovative works in industrial and graphic design, furniture, ceramics, glass, metalwork and textiles. They have made invaluable contributions to international design, working both independently and in an interdisciplinary manner, using various methods of production and new technology and materials.

The 17 Swedish designers are Pia Amsell, Carina Seth Andersson, Monica Förster, Lotta Külhorn, Pia Törnell, Eva Schildt, Ulrika Mårtensson, Lena Bergström, Camilla Diedrich, Sara Szyber, Anna von Schewen, Anna Lerinder, Nina Jobs, Barbro Wesslander, Anna Kraitz, Front and Anki Gneib.

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