March 8, the international women’s day, is the release date of the book 17 svenska formgivare – chez Pascal (17 Swedish designers – chez Pascal). 17 female Swedish designers with the thing in common that they have been exhibiting at the design gallery Pascale Cottard-Olsson in Stockholm are portrayed by by some of the best journalists from Sweden. Swedish design is international renown and the designer from the books works with everything from textile, ceramics, glass and metal to architecture and graphic design.

The designers portrayed in the book are Pia Amsell, Carina Seth Andersson, Monica Förster, Lotta Külhorn, Pia Törnell, Eva Schildt, Ulrika Mårtensson, Lena Bergström, Camilla Diedrich, Sara Szyber, Anna von Schewen, Anna Lerinder, Nina Jobs, Barbro Wesslander, Anna Kraitz, Front and Anki Gneib.

Further info on the book at Bokförlaget Langenskiöld. Most of website only in Swedish but there is an international version of the book.

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