“We’ll do it like JetBlue” is according to Laura Ries the rallying cry of future brand leaders. JetBlue suffered a major brand crises the other week when they got a lot of planes caught up in the middle of an ice storm. In her Origin of brands blog Laura Ries says that the response from JetBlue will become a textbook case for how to solve a PR problem.

These are the steps to follow so you can do it like JetBlue if your brand faces a similar PR crisis:

1. Admit your mistake and apologise publicly immediately

2. Do Something

3. Don’t advertise at all

4. Give it time

Laura Ries ends here post: “Build a strong brand in the mind and if the unthinkable happens just follow these four steps so you can do it like JetBlue and survive too.”

But you can’t win them all. I was reporting earlier today about Genevieve and her boyfriend that have started a blog to tell the world about what happened on a frozen tarmac at JFK. Anders who made a comment on that post said: Not easy to run a company these days…. And that is definitely true!

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