Jet Blue

What do you do if you feel that you have been treated really bad by a company? You start a blog – telling the world what kind of bad people they are!

“Nothing says “I love you” like being held hostage on a frozen plane with the man you love, 99 strangers, 4 other people you happen to know, 4 screaming babies and 3 rambunctious kids running about, nothing but chips and soda for sustenance, faulty power, unreliable direct TV and overfilled sewage system for 11 hours.”

The above is the headline from the blog Jetblue hostage. It’s run by Genevieve and she was a passenger on JetBlue #351 on Valentines day along with her boyfriend Charlie. They were en route to LA for Valentine’s day before they ended being held hostage for 11 hours on the frozen tarmac at JFK. She is now looking for other hostages of Jet Blue.

Brand Experience Lab is reporting about the Jet Blue issue as well:

“Expect to see more of this story in the future! But remember, if you’re not delivering on the story you tell, someone’s ready to start a web site to trash you!”

Viva consumer power! The world will never be the same again.


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