Tyler Brule launches the magazine Monocle this week. Monocle is a new global media brand that combines print, web and broadcast components in a highly original and innovative way. With Monocle Tyler Brule would like to create a community of the most interested and interesting people in the world. The target group could be described as well-educated and well-heeled. The heart of the new Tyler Brule magazine is original coverage in global affairs, business, architecture, culture and design. It will be interesting to see if the combination of a print magazine and a web-based broadcast component (delivering bulletins, mini-documentaries and talk-formats) will put Tyler Brule on the throne of global trends once again.

Swedish magazine DI reports that among the investors of the Tyler Brule magazine Monocle are a company called Ekstranda partially owned by the two H&M twins Jan and Stefan Bengtsson. PG Nilsson is another owner of Ekstranda and he explains the driving force behind the investment: “Tyler Brule is an interesting creator of magazines and he has put together a nice team and has good financing” (my translation).

Except for Tyler Brule the team includes editor Andrew Tucker from the Independent, editor for the Americas Ann Marie Gardner from The New York Times ‘T’ Travel magazine and Dan Hill as director of web and broadcasting, former head of Interactive Design and Technology at BBC. Richard Spencer Powell who also has joined forces with Tyler Brule at Wallpaper will be creative director. “I’m happy to report that all the people I listed on my dream team a year ago have joined for the launch of this project,” says Tyler Brule.

Monocle is published from London (with bureaux in Tokyo, New York and Zürich) by Winkontinent, the editorial and broadcast arm of Winkorp, Tyler Brule’s Zürich-based holding company.

Tyler Brule launched the style and fashion magazine Wallpaper in 1996. The magazine became one of the most influential new magazines of its time. Tyler Brule left Wallpaper in 2002 and has since then been working as a columnist for Financial Times and has been a host at the TV media magazine The Desk on BBC 4. Tyler Brule has also running Winkreative, a design agency with clients like Bally, Swiss air and Stella McCartney.


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Update 1: Here’s a peek inside the first issue of Monocle.

Update 2: You can read a detailed critique of the first issue here.

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