Oscars is turning green

Jon Alain Guzik and Michelle Lanz reports in Oscars going from Red to Green carpet about how the Global Green USA Pre-Oscar party exemplifies the growing relationship between celebrities and the environment.

Y Fray, founder of Los Angeles-based Eco-limo, and a former driver of Leonardo’s Prius says; “When someone like Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio takes an alternative fuel car to the Oscars or another major event, people see that they walk the walk. That’s a good thing.”

Chevy Chase, a long-time environmentalist, and his wife were brought to the Global Green event in a Hybrid Toyota Highlander, but the Toyota Prius is their personal vehicle of choice.

“I bought my wife her second Prius for Valentine’s Day, because she really loves that car,” said Chase. “I can’t tell you enough how happy I am that this is a green carpet event.”

High profile couple singer James Blunt and model Petra Nemcova showed up in a ‘Red Carpet Green Car’ as well:

“It was quite amazing, besides the hybrid car, I discovered a brand of bottled water that is made out of corn, so the bottle actually dissolves in nature,” said Petra Nemcova. “For me there were two environmental turning points in my life, one was during the tsunami. It was a very personal experience where I felt like nature was screaming for help very strongly. The second was seeing ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, it was like a slap in the face.”

Fast Company is also doing a report from the Oscars:

The speculation about the sales of hybrids makes you wonder whether people only buy hybrids because of sky-high gas prices or because people really want to take an active part in bettering the environment. If either isn’t a concern, seeing your fav Oscar-nominated actor support the green machine could be the incentive you need.

But some never learn. I was looking at the TV channel Star! the other day. Did they mention anything about the “green” issues when talking to the film stars outside the Oscars? Nope. It was just the same old story about Prada and Versace…

The WireImage picture shows Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio and Penelope Cruz.

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