The +1-diploma by Forum AID rewards the most interesting new product at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. This year the diploma goes to the multidisciplinary designer Damian Williamson, a Stockholm-based Englishman who started his career as assistant to Thomas Sandell and has now run his own firm since 2003.

The judge was industrial designer Björn Dahlström, last year’s recipient of the +1-diploma.

This is his motivation:
“Outline by Damian Williamson is a product in a floating equilibrium. It creates spatial integrity at the same time as it has a measure of transparent openness. Its expression is simple as well as being technically refined through its ingenious integrated leg construction. One seldom sees such well-balanced products.”

“The screen is raised on a leg frame that is integrated into the screen itself to provide stability and strength”, explains Williamson of the apparently simple fork for a foot. “I have always envisaged the divider in a restaurant environment, wedged in between the tables. It creates a private zone but there are enough openings – the peepholes – so you are able to have contact with the table next to you. The lower edge of the screen is aligned to normal seating height and, on standing, it reaches chest height – I have tried to make it as light and reduced as possible.”

This is the first time Damian Williamson has been honoured with the +1-diploma. He is perhaps best known for the spectacular exhibition architecture at the Furniture Fair’s Greenhouse hall, a commission he has been responsible for since 2002. As a furniture designer, he has attracted a great deal of attention for his innovative wooden chair Spring for Italian DePadova.

Outline is manufactured in ash and comes in black, white or natural. The modules are available in two designs, straight or bent. Each module
is 1.8 metres long and 1.45 metres high. Manufacturer: Gärsnäs through Dag Klockby.

The rules for the +1 are the simplest imaginable. From the selection shown at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Forum AID chooses this year’s novelty. Thus possible prize winners are any of the objects on show – furniture, lighting, textiles, fittings – whether large or small. One judge chooses the winning object. The winner has the task of making the selection. In this way the same designer will never be in a position to win in two consecutive years. Previous winners have been Björn Dahlström (2006), Eero Koivisto (2005), Norway Says (2004), Matti Klenell (2003) and Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune (2002).

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