RE:VISION is an organisation founded by Urban Revision that concentrates on competitions for visionary thinkers. Re:Vision was born out of the belief that each of us has a unique perspective along with a wealth of ideas, energy and resources. Within us lies boundless potential. These competitions are about inspiring innovation, tapping into existing ideas, and using them in new and amazing ways. It’s about seeing yourself differently…full of big ideas and new possibilities. RE:VOLT is the first of a series of competitions The challenge is: how would you intelligently and sustainably power a city block? Think big ideas. Think small environmental impact. Think about ways to make a difference in how we fuel the future.

The coming competition will be all about the following themes:

RE:ROUTE, new thinking on global transportation

RE:STORE, green innovation for a healthy urban economy

RE:CONNECT, urban planning for people and space

RE:VISION, architecture for sustainable urban community

I think that the big question from RE:VISION is really interesting: WHAT IF?

WHAT IF one person really holds the power to change the world? WHAT IF that person is you?

Thanks to Inhabitant.


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