Pictures of the third generation of the Volvo v70 has just been released. The biggest difference from the earlier generations is the new boot cover which reminds of the new ditto on the C30 model. This Volvo v70 will be release in Geneva at the car saloon within approximate a month.

I quite often use the Volvo v70 as a good example of a consistent and in some sense sustainable product strategy. In a world where more and more products are reaching the market every day (and probably almost as many are thrown away) it is nice to see that the Volvo v70 design still in its overall shape is based on the original 145 model from 1967. There is no reason to break a winning formula!

By the way – I saw a figure the other day that 70% of all Volvo cars produced since 1947 is still rolling. Interesting figure. I have to think more about it before I develop some further thoughts about this…


The Swedish magazine DI has further images of the new Volvo v70 here.


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