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The Leaf limited edition tea travel kit is perfect to slip into your weekend bag. The kit will make sure you don’t run out of a good quality cup of tea on your weekends away! The bag was designed by parisian designers Les Petites Emplettes exclusively for leaf and only 500 will be available. It includes 6 mini tins filled with 100% natural leaf teas and little paper filters. Each tin contains 1 to 2 cups of tea. The grey bag is in natural wool feft, linen and cotton. All designed to be re-used and refilled with Leaf teas and paper filters.

In a time when Starbucks seems to take all available corners into possession it is nice to see some product development in the world of good old classic tea.
leaf tea

Leaf is a small independent business set up 2005. All products are carefully chosen and 100% natural. Leaf does also have a nice CSR agenda and sets of 10% of its profits to charity or non profit projects (part of the funds will go to CO2 emission control projects).

I think that the Leaf founder Delphine de Chabalier has a very healthy vision of her way to run the business:

“We are a very small business and we won’t raise millions, but we will add our little bit …This is about sharing the value we’re creating as a business whenever success there is, including with those who allowed us to have great tea in the first place…This is how Leaf wants to complete its circle… ”

Please let us see more of this relaxed approach instead of the stressful attitude from the quarter-based economy.

Hat off for Leaf!

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