Recently started on-line social network Iqons is aiming to have the same impact on fashion as MySpace had on music. The ambition is to create the world’s first truly interconnected ‘fashion ecology’ comprising of designers, retailers, models, fashion PR professionals, photographers, stylists, financiers, show producers, magazine publishers, manufacturers, head-hunters, consumers, aficionados and basically anybody with an interest in fashion. Communities and social networking are all what the new web 2.0 is about and Iqons is not an exception.

Highly respected people from the fashion industry, which they refer to as Iqons, will review and comment on the work showcased by members of the site. Names like Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano are in the line-up.

At Iqons you can meet and chat with selected community members, showcase your talent and find friends for shopping, style exchanges and more. Colin McDowell, one of the worlds most famous fashion commentators, will act as Iqonographer and host some of the biggest names in fashion during the coming months on Iqons.

Iqons will also run different projects like RECYQLE which is a competition aiming to create new products from existing materials. Iqons, as a lot of other communities and companies, has understand that a transparent agenda, social responsibility and care for the nature have turned into hygiene attributes and will be the difference between fame and failure.

Iqons will also present a guide concerning fashion events and parties in international fashion capitals like New York, London and Paris.

Another event on the Iqons agenda right now is a video competition about fashion, beauty and style and the total running time cannot be longer than sixty seconds. The winners will have their films screened on the Iqons community web page. Get your cameras rolling!

The people behind Iqons are Rafael Jimenez who worked at Comme des Garcons and was involved in the upstart of the guerilla stores and Suran Goonatilake, co-founder of Bodymetrics, a company pioneering the use of body-scanning and virtual reality technologies in fashion. Diane Pernet works as co-mentor at Iqons and has pioneered the use of the Web as a medium for fashion communication through her highly influential blog.


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