Leander Kahney at Wired news is writing about what kind of possibilities for the iPod that opens up because of the new deal between Apple (the computer company) and Apple (the record company). Steve Jobs has been prohibited to put music on any of his mobile products but this will change from now on.

Leander Kahney writes:
“Well, the iPod could become the new CD, especially if Apple starts offering cheap shuffle iPods pre-loaded with hot new albums or artists’ catalogs. Imagine a whole range of inexpensive, special-edition iPods branded with popular bands containing a new album, or their whole catalogs.”

“These cheap album iPods could be sold at bus stations and airports: instant music, no computer required. Bands could sell pre-loaded iPods at concerts, maybe containing the concert they just played. There could be Broadway show iPods, movie soundtrack iPods and iPods burned at retail stores with custom play lists. It’s going to be the biggest change to the iPod since the iTunes online store debuted in 2002.”

It is probably not a risky tip to say that we will see a yellow Beatles Yellow Submarine iPod as the first product out. Leander Kahney thinks it will be released already within a week for Valentine’s day.

Leander Kahney is managing editor at Wired News and the author of two books about technology culture: The Cult of Mac and The Cult of IPod.

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