Putting people first is reporting that it is the international “Slow day” today organised by the Italian organisation Vivere con Lentezza.

“And it has been surprisingly successful in Italy with a slow marathon in Rome, symbolic fines for the most frenetic Milanese, a slow bicycle race in Ferrara (the slowest wins!), donkey rides in Pisa, and poetry in the supermarkets of Cagliari.”

Putting people first reports that there are little or no trace of the Slow day outside of Italy. So, why don’t we all try to be part of the Slow day next year by “hold on a moment, slow down a bit, retake our time” as Vivere con Lentezza puts it. My favourite Italian expression “dolce fare niente” – the beauty of doing nothing, will probably also work well.

It’s my cat Måns on the picture by the way. He is already training hard for next year…

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