Fair Made – an exhibition of ecological Haute Couture invites new ideas and thoughts about important and fundamental issues, while at the same time showing the unique creativity and individual skills of the exhibition’s participants.

Aia Jüdes, project manager for the Fair Made exhibition describes the project like this:

“Fair Made is an independent, non profit, initiative meant to offer a general introduction of the concepts of sustainability and fair trade to members of the fashion industry, whose decisions today will dictate what we will be wearing for years to come, and to the general public, whose desire for better clothing, better ideas and a better world make ‘Fair Made’ possible in the first place.

It is our hope that the exhibition will inspire creators and consumers alike to think outside the box and begin to demand more from organic fashion, and more of it!

We eagerly look forward to a day when organic fashion will complete its evolution from a sub-genre into the obvious and necessary standard that all productions will strive to meet.”

The participating designers in Fair Made are Johanna Hofring, Åsa Westlund, Ylva Liljefors, Anna Bergholm, Anja Hyvynen, Benita Ben Djama, Vond, Anna Modig, Maxjenny Forslund and Lovisa Burfitt.


Fair Made takes place at Svensk Form, Holmamiralens väg 2 in Stockholm February 29 – March 25. Produced by Svensk Form together with Style at Sthlm.

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