Cindy Sherman has an exhibition called “Thirty years of staged photography” at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art starting this weekend.

Each picture reflects a new identity taken from the mass media’s stereotyped views of women. She always works in series and never gives her works titles. Instead they are given a number. In the exhibition Sherman’s works are presented in large chronologically ordered series, each of which is held together by a theme. Sherman manipulates her own body by means of make-up, clothes and artificial body parts, and stages herself as various figures that she invents or re-invents, after which she photographs herself in her studio. Sherman’s idiom varies from the amusing and humorous through the shrill to the brutal.

The Loisiana Museum of Modern Art is situated in Denmark south of Helsingør and is overlooking the sound called Öresund that divides Sweden and Denmark. So, if you are passing the area before mid May I do recommend a visit.

And while you are there, do not miss to have a coffee or lunch at the Louisiana café (see picture below).


image of Louisiana café © adrian welch


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