Yes, Finally!

The iPhone is one of the most awaited objects of technology ever devised. What is it that had so many people frantically awaiting it’s appearance? Seamless integration, innovation, beauty – etc. Apple has done it again, but the long anticipated appearance of this beautiful and incredible ‘helpful’ device brings to mind a simple question:

Why aren’t there more companies doing work of this calibre?
Why aren’t there more APPLES?

I know numerous designers out there who have designed almost identical devices and presented them to numerous companies, only to have the company ‘turn them down’…..this is not to undermine the truly fantastic job that J. Ive has done with Apple, it is only to say that other individuals have had similar visions, but in the end perhaps it can only be that a collective vision, a vision of the like spearheaded by S. Jobs, that will actually allow for these products to come to light. Surely it takes huge amounts of money and engineering progress, but it surely takes a ‘general’ restraint combined with ‘collective’ endurance to become an Apple. It means that for every one hundred or one thousand ideas that come to mind, to use only the best one. It means to not flood the market but to preserve it…….it means to learn how to hold your breath…..

As designers, as consumers, we can once again applaud Apple. This device is not perfect, but it their first phone….surely the others will be even better. That is quite a thought to contemplate. How many other companies can we say that about?

As designers, as consumers, we can once again applaud Apple and hope that other companies take this applause as our request that they too learn the lessons Apple continues to perform, not lessons of style, but of end-to-end integration, restraint, elegance, innovation, crazy risks – of knowing when to hold your breath and knowing when to scream.


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