Netherland-based Studio Smack was commissioned by the Museum de Beyerd (Dutch Museum for Graphic Design) in Breda to create “Kapitaal” (dutch for capital).

It is a typographical stroll through a Dutch city revealing the influence of graphic design and the ubiquity of advertising and branded messages in the urban landscape.

As you can see it’s an enormous amount of visual stimulation that affects us in one way or the other every day. Advertising has turned into a questionable effort both to build recognition and to build a brand. It’s commercial effectiveness is questioned. But still it is around us wherever we look.

Yoichi Nakamuta did put it this way in his text in a recent issue of my David Report bulletin; “Anyone who has been to Tokyo has probably noticed how every corner of the city is covered in advertising. It’s like a battlefield of advertising. It’s hard to imagine cities without it. Even if all the buildings in a city fall down probably the advertising would still be standing.”

Thanks to Ytlig


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