In the news is a rumour that Toyota is about to build a new car factory in the US. It is a remarkable journey the Japanese car producer has made (on the US market) over the last decades. Today nobody is underestimating them any longer. Everything from the launch of the premium brand Lexus to the smart hybrid vehicle Prius has been made out from a smart tactics. At the same time the three major US car producers have made a lot of critical mistakes. Toyota went for smaller cars with low fuel consumption while the US companies like General Motors, Ford and Chevrolet developed even more and bigger pickups and SUVs.

By using a smart product strategy Toyota had a 12% growth in turnover last year and is today number three on the market soon to be number two. According to me it is just a matter of time until they will be number one, a reality that was unlikely just some ten years ago.

Good, attractive and diversified products (and services) are the heart of every strong brand. Then the marketing is like the blood circulation telling the world about your products. Attractive products tell a looser from a winner. And if you in a smart way will communicate directly from your products you have every chance (if you have attractive products that is…) to be an important part of the mind of the consumers. I have developed this theory and even developed an idea for a communication strategy in the latest issue of the David Report bulletin called Communication Through Products.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been writing quite a lot about the recent launch of the iPhone by Apple. That’s because I think it is really clever to develop a product that makes consumers (all over the world) yearn already six months before it will hit the stores. I will repeat the question from Tim Powers post here at the David Report blog the other day – why aren’t there more Apples?


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