The Wallpaper magazine is maybe not as ground-braking as in the early days when Tyler Brule was behind the steering-wheel. I remember when my (former) company David Design together with some friends from the Swedish design industry plus Sturehof restaurant, Illegal/ellegal fashion brand (unfortunately not around any longer), Diesel music and the magazine Stockholm New did the lifestyle event Living in Sweden in Milano. It was during the design week back in 1998. The party we did together with Wallpaper (in the former Armani showroom) was a big success. Five leather dressed door men trying to hold back people filling the streets in all directions as far as you could see. Of course because Wallpaper was THE hottest thing at the moment. I wonder if they still would create that amount of excitement?

Anyway, to let a long start come to a conclusion, I still think that the Wallpaper Design Awards has some relevance and justification. With soon ten years in the hotspot of global design Wallpaper still stands out as a navigator for contemporary lifestyle. The winners for 2007 were revealed the other day and includes ceramic loudspeakers from the Swedish duo Broberg Ridderstråle, Prada as best new fashion collection (autumn/winter collections were shown against a Rem Koolhaas backdrop, the theme was urban guerrilla) to Istanbul as the best city (where also the best restaurant Müzede Changa is situated) and Hella Jongerius as the best designer of the year.

“It was a tough choice” as Wallpaper puts it.


I’m especially happy about the best new private house called Baron house by John Pawson. Not only because it is beautiful architecture, it is actually situated here in Scania in the southernmost part of Sweden just some 45 minutes car drive away. I do also hold Hella Jongerius as a very talented designer. I like her Polder sofa, her Bovist pouf and her series of pillows called Handles (everything for Vitra) a lot. Sort of simplicity meets embroidery and a lot of charm.

See the complete list of the Wallpaper design awards here. Please let me know your personal opinion. Do you think that this year’s winners deserve their accolades?

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