English elegance meets Italian chic: a little sixties James Bond (Gucci), a little post astronaut Stanley Kubrick (Dolce & Gabbana), a little artsie toy boy (Prada), the trend for men this fall/winter 07 that was shown last week in Milan seemed amusing from brand to brand with a supersonic speed!

Eventually, it might be a little early to talk about trends in general when each brand seems to want to develop their high end ”sur mesur” wardrobe. You find more often then not black again, in practically all collections and a specially at Armani: “it’s just difficult to put colour in a men’s collection. And lighter colours always make you look bigger. Young men want to look great when they dress up. And black just looks hot, guys- it looks hot!” It’s what Armani is saying, so give credit were credit is do!


Neil Barrett

Of course it should be in moderation and mixed up, you find this desire with all stylists. In after thought, you can actually also say that silver and gold will have a good season as well and that klein blue and bordeaux also will be a part of next winter.

In this re appearing trend with geometric variations, you find again also the strong desire for elegance, this season in line with the big come back of the melon hat, that is doing it’s absolute elegant entry at Bottega Veneta and more relaxed at Neil Barrett.


Bottega Veneta


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