I was just reading some words from Seth Godin concerning what he would like from a truly innovative cellphone. He says that what iPhone doesn’t do is actually re-invent the very thing that makes cellphones magical: how you connect with other people. And that is somewhat true of course. It is time for some general cellphone 2.0 mark-up for sure.

What’s interesting is that this kind of mark-up hopefully will be possible with the iPhone in the future. Because it is “simply” a shell with a large display loaded with a smart software and a smart interface. It is not “trapped” with pre-determined functions as all other cellphones more or less is. And according to me this is actually one of the best advantages of the new iPhone. This feature could make it a truly sustainable product. Because then you don’t have to throw it away and buy a new cellphone every now and then (as people do all over the world all the time). You just upload a new software – and swiiiiish – completely new functions and hopefully new ways to communicate and connect with the surrounding world arises. I really hope that Apple will make this possible in a truly smart way and that other cellphone producers will continue to develop this feature even further in the future.
If an iPhone should “survive” a couple of updates, it needs to be really durable. Let’s hope Apple will make it that way! Let’s also hope that this is great step towards a greener Apple and a better rumour concerning their producer responsibility. More or less the only thing that irritates me concerning the Apple brand. Otherwise they are absolutely one of my lovemarks!

(Another product with the same possibility to make a difference is the brand new Prada cellphone from LG. More about this one within the next few days.)

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