-I hope to see more humanism and less greed

-an iPhone (or iMobile or whatever Apple will call it) that will give all the smart interface and functions of my Macintosh mobility (maybe presented tomorrow at Macworld?)

-through my design and brand management consultancy help some new interesting clients turn visions into winning strategies

-a lot of fantastic summer days at the Falsterbo beach (picture above) with my children

-a lot more mind sharing because together we are stronger

-a better environment for both innovations and design-focused contexts

-to see even further ubiquitous presence of design and its processes

-that the newborn trend of being a good citizen will continue to grow

-a new CD from Cat Power and/or CocoRosie

-more people, companies, politicians and organisations working with some plain common sense

-that more companies will understand that Communication Through Products will save them a lot of money

You can read part 1 of my dreams for 2007 here.

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