Two of my favourite paper magazines recently started digital issues as well. I’m talking about Dazed Digital (called Dazed and Confused in the real world) and Frame Digital (a.k.a Frame…).

Frame Digital is an exact copy of the print version of Frame magazine, but offers lots of extra features. Zoom, search and click to articles from the index. Bookmark and download your favourite pages and images.

Dazed Digital on the other hand is its own content platform, sharing the same ideology as the magazine but with its own program of contents.

Jason Campbell from JC Report recently interviewed editor-in-chief Jefferson Hack about the new Dazed Digital. He explains the new Dazed Digital as an ideas sharing network. They are opening up the flow of ideas to contributors from all around the world, enthusiastic young people to influence and direct the content on the site. Jefferson Hack doesn’t believe that print is dead. He says that magazines just need to react to how people are changing the way they consume their media. He thinks it’s a great time for print because there hasn’t been much innovation in magazine design since the mid-’90s, and now it’s really exciting as the web is pushing editors and designers to really hone their points-of-view as competition for people’s attentions gets more intense.

We discussed this issue in an earlier post concerning the new magazine Monocle by Tyler Brule. Monocle will consist of both a paper and a digital version. Tyler Brule is seeing them as complements to each other. As we can read above Frame Digital is an exact copy of the paper version and Dazed Digital is completely different. More or less three different ways to combine print and digital.

Will people continue to by traditional paper magazines also in the future? What do you think?

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