Business innovation insider reports about a list of the best design and innovation of 2006 by Alice Rawsthorn originally published in the International Herald Tribune.

1. The World Economic Forum in Davos made “design” part of its strategic agenda for the first time;

2. Architects experimented with new types of emergency housing for the victims of Hurricane Katrina;

3. The designers working on the $100-laptop project for the One Laptop per Child non-profit foundation produced their first models of the X0-1;

4. A group of Guatemalan politicians, academics and industrialists enlisted the help of Canadian graphic designer Bruce Mau in the ¡GuateAmala! campaign, to encourage their compatriots to be more optimistic about the future after decades of civil war and human rights abuse;

5. Black finally replaced silver as the “default color” for digital and electronic products (e.g. Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi and the glossy black Apple MacBook);

6. Rapid prototyping technologies, originally used in the automotive and aerospace industries, became part of the mainstream (e.g. the Sketch furniture made by Swedish design group Front);

Alice Rawsthorn ends up with a list of what to look forward to 2007:

“Take Apple’s long-rumored iPhone; and the Great Journeys series of Penguin paperbacks designed by David Pearson. Or Microsoft’s Multimouse, which will enable more children in poorly resourced schools to use the same computer, and Spore, the ambitious game devised by Will Wright as his follow-up to The Sims. And next summer the XO- 1 laptop will be shipped to schools throughout the developing world, albeit with a price tag closer to $150, than $100, for the first year or so.”

Those of you interested to know more about the interface of the OLPC computer at the image above please follow this link.

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