French designer enfant terrible Ora-Ito has designed a completely different looking USB and FireWire hub for LaCie called Huby which will be delivered by the end of December. Ora-Ito is always adding funky details from his own personal and cultural world. This makes all his products playful and exploring and this is really refreshing in the case of Huby. According to me the technology industry is in an almost total lack of humour and human values and when Ora-Ito is spicing things up like this it makes me happy. Please let us see further explorations like this in the near future!

Ora-Ito became famous in the nineties when he designed new products for companies like Louis Vuitton, Nike, Swatch and Apple. The only problem was that the companies were not aware of it… His strategy was smart. Instead of putting him in front of the law court, they give him commissions. Since then Ora-Ito has been involved in everything from developing a new bottle look-a-like aluminium can for Heineken to a hard drive called Brick for LaCie with a clear alikeness of a well known child toy.

I still hold the lecture from Ora-Ito at Future Design Days 2004 as the most memorable moment from that conference.

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