It seems like there is a lot of discussions going on concerning simplicity and technology. Unfortunately a lot of design development today is filled with technological solutions, simply because these solutions exists and it is possible to use them. A bit strange when design development based on cultural values will have the possibility to be truly global and at the same time be much more easy to understand for the consumer. Anybody else that never where able to program the VCR, or more or less never uses more than 10% of the functions in my Sony Ericsson? And anyone wondering about all the different buttons on the TV remote control? I’m not old fashion or fighting new ways to communicate. I’m pro development. It is just that the producers are making technology for technicians, not for some one that just would like it to work – NOW! I would very much like to hear your opinions on this.

While browsing the blogosphere I came across a couple of posts dealing with this issue.

•Cheskin blog writes about innovation through simplicity

•EETimes reports “It’s design, not technology”

•Psfk talks about simplicity and the Willcom R9 phone

•Fast Company are saying: if you really want a category killer, you’ve got to go simple, simple, simple

By the way, the mobile phone above is called Jitterbug. It has easy understandable yes and now buttons (instead of strange symbols) and is mainly targeted for adults or young children.

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