It is announced that mobile manufacturer LG will develop and release a mobile phone together with luxury brand Prada. It is scheduled for spring 2007. The collaboration are focusing on music, design and packaging. Maybe this is the start of a new more fashionable trend in the mobile phone industry? That actually relates to the consumers?

I have been wondering for a long time why all mobile producers are trying to do their products into an equivalence of the Swiss army knife? MP3’s, cameras with xx megapixel, SMS, MMS etc. Who cares? Is anybody buying a Mac because of the size of the hard drive or the speed of the processor? Not anyone I now about… And not according to this great series of movies from Apple…

Design can answer the important question WHAT. What kind of demand will a certain product create, what kind of problem is it solving? Technology will only answer the question HOW. How do we deliver a certain solution? Despite of this, technology seems to be the main cause for mobile producers. Why don’t they let creativity and innovation grow from cultural values instead of technological values? And as a Swede I wonder when Sony Ericsson will join the race?

Richard Wallace from EE times puts this matter in a nice and simple way: Technology is dead. Welcome to the Age of Design.

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