Most of you have probably seen this video from the band Ok Go already. “Here It Goes Again” has been viewed over 9,3 million times, putting it in 8th place for the most views of any video on YouTube. But anyway, just for the fun of it! In a time when most videos are filled with expensive computer animations it is nice to see that you will be able to make really nice things with some coordinated choreography and a simple home video camera. And to be viewed 9,3 million times is impressing, once again it is proven that honest and voluntary word-of-mouth is a much better (and cheaper) method to get credible attention. On top if this I like to see when people don’t take themselves to seriously all the time!

Watch out for the recently released deluxe limited edition cd/dvd of their album, OH NO with videos (dancing and playing instruments), a video from 180 fans doing the ” A Million Ways” dance for a YouTube contest, tour and never-released footage, and a behind-the-scenes look of their treadmill rehearsals for the video.

And when we are into YouTube videos, here is another one with a dancing theme… (and this is actually the no 1 video all time at YouTube!).

If you like you can see both videos as an inspirational proposal for some post-Christmas workout…

Let’s hope for a prosperous new year!


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