I’m just back from some days in Åre in the Swedish mountains and came across this post from Jim Caroll about innovation. Honestly my intention was to let the David Report blog rest until the new year, but I would very much like to share Jim’s thoughts.

-People are discovering that if you focus on innovation, you can break away from the dull, restrictive, boring routine activities that shackle you to the past. Instead, by focusing your energies on ideas, creativity, challenging the status quo, constantly seeking how you can do things better, grow things, or transform things, you ended up having a lot more fun — and see a lot more benefits, Jim says. Who could argue with those smart words?

In his post Jim Caroll lists ten reasons why innovation will be the word, and the primary area of focus for every business, throughout 2007. His main conclusion is that people have come to realize that being innovative is just plain fun. A good reason according to myself.

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